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I like Pens

Ballpoints especially!

1 June
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I am a little timid person who usually lives under a duvet for the majority of the time, using false pretenses of being a "writer" and supporting the benefits system of this country; the way I see it, if it wasn't for the likes of me how many people would loose their jobs at jobcentres I ask you?

Ocassionaly I will venture out into the big bad world without my duvet and take on the shapely form of a booze intoxicating, music worshiping mad looney geordie woman (but the kind that doesn't wear mini skirts...I dont do skirts...period!).

I like pens!

That is all.
60's & 70's rock, 70's soul, a clockwork orange, art festivals, badly drawn boy, bellatrix, black books, blondie, blur, bob dylan, book shops, brass eye, bright eyes, brit-pop, bruce springsteen, catatonia, cheap plastic jewellery, compilation tapes, david bowie, dogma, donnie darko, drop the dead donkey, easyworld, father ted, fight club, film festivals, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, george harrison, gigs, girl interrupted, high fidelity, hole, idlewild, indie, jeff buckley, jethro tull, johnny cash, jon stewart, joy division, kate bush, kings of leon, labyrinth, led zeppelin, lost boys, lost in translation, markets, maximo park, miss black america, monty python, muse, music festivals, music magazines, music promos, my vitriol, neil young, new york, okgo, paul rodgers, peace protests, peace rallies, peep show, photograpgy, photography, pink floyd, placebo, politics, pub quizzes, pulp, qotsa, quadrophenia, queen, radiohead, razorlight, red dwarf, roy harper, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, saturday night live, second hand shops, shaun of the dead, smashing pumpkin, snow patrol, spaced, stellastarr*, super furry animals, supergrass, t-rex, tenacious d, the arcade fire, the cooper temple clause, the craft, the daily show, the day today, the eels, the flaming lips, the futureheads, the go! team, the goonies, the green room, the killers, the kooks, the last of england, the league of gentlemen, the libertines, the manic street preachers, the mighty boosh, the pixies, the secret hairdresser, the strokes, the vines, the white room, the who, the young ones, this life, time bandits, trainspotting, vertigo, veruca salt, we are scientists, weezer, white stripes, withnail and i, writing, yeah yeah yeahs